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Citizen Diplomacy Series with Ambassador Brenda Schoonover

IMG 5335International Focus had the honor of hosting the former ambassador to Togo, Brenda Schoonover, on Tuesday, June 21. Ambassador Schoonover shared her experiences of being a career long Foreign Affairs officer, her time in the Peace Corps as both a volunteer and as a director, as an ambassador's wife to Richard Schoonover who also served as a Foreign Affairs officer, and as the ambassador to Togo from 1998 to 2000. She expressed her passion for the work she accomplished, her frustrations on some of the politics that go into ambassador appointment, and detailed the different ways that she as a representative of the United States helped to improve the countries she served in. Following her presentation, the participants were invited to ask the ambassador questions. The questions ranged from about her time in the Peace Corps to the Chinese trade presence in Africa. International Focus would like to thank Ambassador Brenda Schoonover for leading such an informative and lively discussion.

Coffee and Conversation with Canadian Delegates

IMG 5292On the week of Friday, June 10th, International Focus had the honor of hosting a group of Canadian delegates. Through the International Visitors Leadership Program, this group’s focus was to research the American university system and systems for educational exchanges. A group of International Focus members had the opportunity to talk with the group of delegates over coffee. We started by discussing all of the Canadian influence in North Carolina, from how Canada is the number one trade partner with North Carolina to the Canadian presence in the Raleigh Symphony. As a part of the visit, the group toured the universities in the area. The biggest difference they noticed between Canadian universities and American universities was the resources available to students that aren’t directly related to academia. They also noted that the academic resources in American universities have a very high standard. “The technology [in NCSU’s Hunt Library] is absolutely amazing!” one member had to say.

Citizen Diplomacy Series: "Germany and Global Order"

IMG 5268 2On May 24th, International Focus was fortunate to host Professor Klaus Larres as he lead a presentation and discussion on Germany and Global Order as a part of the Citizen Diplomacy series. Professor Larres of UNC discussed Germany’s position in Europe, Germany’s trade relations with China and the United States, and its political relations with Russia. Professor Larres also discussed Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, and how her background growing up in East Germany has influenced the decisions she has made, in regards to the refugee crisis and her political relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin. The evening was ending with a Q & A sessions with questions from those in attendance, ranging with questions about WWII’s influence on modern Germany to Germany’s military use.

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