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A Look at our Program Alumni

We often look back at our accomplishments at years end and at International Focus we are no exception. Due to the work of our members, staff, and volunteers over the past decades, we have made an impact not only on lives here in North Carolina but on people world over. The men and women you graciously host in your businesses and homes and whom your efforts have brought to the US are the next generation of national and world leaders. Many of the visitors you have met during your time as members of International Focus (and previously as the International Affairs Council) may surprise you with the heights they have reached.


  • Dr. Okengó Matiangi of Kenya: Politics and Parties, 2004 – Cabinet Secretary of Information, Communication and Technology
  • Mr. Saliou Toure of Cote d’Ivoire: Education, 1998 – University President

Central and Southeast Asia:

  • Mr. Muktar Kul-Mukhammed of Kazakhstan: Print Journalism, 1996 – Secretary of State
  • Mr. Ananth Kumar of India: Politics and Parties, 1997 – Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers

East Asia and Oceania:

  • Hon. Samuel Basil of Papua New Guinea: Federalism and US Government, 2009 – Cabinet Minister
  • Ms. Sarina Sasingian of Papua New Guinea: Advancing Human Rights, 2011 – Legal Officer and Executive Director
  • Mr. Randolf David of the Phillipines: Political Science, 1998 – Professor of Sociology


  • Mr. Eugen Carpov of Moldova: Foreign Policy, 2000 – Deputy Prime Minister
  • Mr. Nezdet Mustafa of Macedonia: Public Administration, 2003 – Cabinet Minister
  • Ms. Angelika Niebler of Germany: Trade, 2000 – Member of European Parliament
  • Mr. Marcel Ruducan of Moldova: Federalism and US Government, 1999 – Minister of Construction and Territorial Development

Latin America:

  • Mr. Guillermo Perez of Honduras: Judicial System, 1999 – Foreign Affairs Minister, Chief Justice of Supreme Court

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