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Program of the Month: September

Visitors from North Africa and Near East explore local human rights NGOs, “wowed” by world famous Hunt Library

Visitors from various North African and Near East states visited the Triangle in order to learn about Non-governmental organization (NGO) management in North Carolina. The group included participants from Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, Iraq and Tunisia. It was organized under the Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) and spoke to local authorities, academics, and organizations courtesy of programming efforts by International Focus.

The visitors started with a meeting at a local non-profit institute. The institute's executive director gave a comprehensive overview of nonprofit formatting in the United States versus the universally accepted terminology. To be able to demonstrate the disparities in defining different organizations, he quizzed the visitors in a fun game of “Guess the Non-Profit”. Many were inserted to trip up the audience but it opened the discussion for further explanation. At the end of the meeting the entire delegation was thrilled about the reusable cups with pictures of Raleigh that were given to them.

 Hunt Library October 2015

IVLP recipients took a tour of the James Hunt library and the best word to describe their reactions is “disbelief”. Naturally starting a library tour with a demonstration of the 3 story book robot is sure to leave some jaws on the floor. A wonderful tour was provided by the library staff that entailed the extensive thought that went into constructing the smallest details of the design. The visitors could hardly believe the technical opportunities available to students. A video game room in a library just seemed to leave everyone in awe. Overall, the group’s trip to James Hunt Library was a success and they claimed it was the highlight of their trip.

Clerkin Speakers Beth Dehghan and Tereza Romano

The final two meetings of the day allowed the visitors to interact with local professionals in disabled and women's rights. First the group attended a meeting with an NGO focused on the care and education of the disabled. There they spoke to staff about their work with clients, the status of the disabled in North Carolina, and the best practices of the organization in training and financial management.

The final meeting of the day was with representatives from statewide advocacy for the rights of women. The speakers stated that women’ rights in the US could improve and expounded on how their institutions networked with other advocacy groups, both women's rights and others; employing volunteers and staffers to analyze policy through various lenses and to work across partisan lines to improve the situation of women and other underrepresented populations.

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