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This year, the International Festival of Raleigh brought together about 25,000 people from more than 70 countries to celebrate diversity and culture. Additionally, International Focus's visitors' programs hosted 39 groups bringing nearly 400 leaders from countries including Israel, Palestine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Rwanda, Niger, India, Pakistan, France, and Germany. Delegates made the following comments about their time in the RTP region:

"Thanks for making this experience possible. No amount of money granted to our organization would have made it possible for me to have such a learning and inspiring encounter. Knowledge is power, and so I trust that I will return to my community with power to turn things around in a positive way that will impact this generation and the generations to come."
"Wonderful! The host family was very enthusiastic, vocal, and friendly. We all enjoyed sharing a lot. I learned a lot about American culture and politics from the family."
"In a short time I learned about the history of North Carolina, the diversity of the community and the efforts of social organizations cooperating with the local governments to improve preservation and development of minority communities."

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