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Citizen Diplomacy event guests showing off their souvenirs from answering the Belarusian’s trivia questions correctly.

Co-written by Donna Weinraub and Justin Brown.

International Focus' Citizen Diplomacy Series held its monthly reception on June 9th to welcome USAID-sponsored delegation from Belarus studying "Social Entrepreneurship Development." The reception began with an inspiring talk by Frank Laney, Circuit Mediator with the US Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit. Mr. Laney spoke of his recent trip to Belarus, where he introduced the methods of mediation to numerous Belarusian university and high school students. A member of the Belarus delegation then gave an introduction to Belarus, providing many interesting facts and photos along with trivia and souvenir prizes for the event guests. The evening concluded with our Belarusian visitors discussing their professional projects, which encompassed a wide range of social entrepreneurship ventures.

Frank Laney presenting his experiences from Belarus.

In the end, we learned that our common goals for fulfilling careers, educating our children, and quality of life are the similarities that unite us, regardless of nationality. IF extends a warm "thank you" to all the participants of the Citizen Diplomacy series, the Belarusian delegation, and a special thanks to Frank Laney for sharing his experiences.

**Please stay tuned for future Citizen Diplomacy Series events, commencing in August 2015. **


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