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International Visitors of this Leadership Program had a number of objectives during their time with International Focus in The Triangle. Visitors came from Bulgaria, Jordan, Namibia, Sweden, Thailand and Tunisia to study "Global Cooperation in the New Economy".

Program Objectives:

    • The review of major developments in the global economic landscape and the shifting powers of economic influence on the world stage
    • The exploration of the domestic political, market, and economic forces that shape U.S. international trade policy and the policy-making process.
    • Members of International Focus, Guests, Staff, and the Board of Directors engage with International Visitors in economic discussions at the First Citizen Diplomacy Event of 2015!


Salima Tunisia members

Mrs. Salima Hachich of Tunisia discusses with Members Donna Weinraub, Donna Cappadony, and Herb Segal the economics of Tunisia and her role in the development of the Tunisian Export Sector.

Sam BOD StrategicVol

Sam Lasris- A member of the Board of Directors & Strategic Volunteer of programming sits with Mr. Rowland Brown and International Guests. The conversation is centered around current economics and developments in Namibia.

Exchange CrossCulture

Members and Guests from around The Triangle are involved in cross-cultural education during this Citizen Diplomacy Seres as they discuss with multinational leaders, Global Cooperation in the New Economy.

A look into the exchange of cross-cultural education through valuable and unique discussions on each visitor's national economic interests and developments.

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