Calling all competitive dancers! 
Show us your moves and compete for prizes!
Saturday, Sept. 20th 6:00pm-8:30pm

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Main Stage

Watch authentic ethnic dances from over 30 different cultures performed on the Main Stage.

Cultural Exhibits

Cultural Exhibits

Stroll through the many Cultural Exhibits to learn about the rich history and traditions of different cultures.



Learn about traditional arts, crafts and cooking from international teachers at the Demonstration Booth.


Sidewalk Cafes

Taste your way around the globe with delicious food from our Sidewalk Cafes.


World Bazaars

Shop the World Bazaars for crafts and items from across the globe.


Coffee House

Visit the IF Coffee House to relax over a warm beverage, enjoy your favorite desserts, and listen to traditional ethnic music.  


Sophia's Courtyard

Bring the kids to Sophia's Courtyard for face-painting, storytelling, games and other fun activities.


Naturalization Ceremony

Witness the spirit of America as new citizens take their oath at the Naturalization Ceremony.

Fund a child's ticket to the world!

Children at International Festival

Each year, International Focus, Inc. celebrates and shares world culture through the International Festival. The festival offers many activities and opportunities for children to experience and appreciate many different cultures of the world here in our own community of Raleigh. In addition to face-painting, storytelling, and games, children are able to travel through and learn about different cultures as part of the passport scavenger hunt. Other activities include sidewalk cafes, performances, music, and delicious, authentic food.

Here at International Focus, we strive to make this opportunity a reality for many children who may not have access to the resources needed to attend the festival. Your donation will not only cover the price of a full admission ticket (which includes activities and a food voucher for the child throughout the day), it will give an invaluable and unforgettable experience that they may have never had without your help.

Please help us raise money to pay for admission tickets for these disadvantaged children. At only $10 a ticket, we hope to raise enough for at least 500 child applicants.

In our Nation's growing diversity, International Focus aims to promote, support, and give an understanding of different cultures in order to prepare for and build a strong international community. Please help in giving these children the opportunity to learn about the history, culture, and customs of the world, and our neighbors, at the 29th International Festival.


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